Property Execution

A Faster, More Accountable
and Transparent Way to Sell Property

Verifications, Digital Signatures, Online Exchanges and stored on the BlockChain

How it works?

clicktopurchase® is a platform for buying and selling property online (online property execution). It provides the facility for a legally binding clicktopurchase® exchange of contracts (Digitally Signed) to be conducted electronically as part of the sales process. If you choose, these clicktopurchase® offers can be concluded by online binding "best offers".

clicktopurchase® is secure (SSL) and legal (Digitally Signed) with Blockchain and the option of Artificial Intelligence.

Sell Property

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Our proptech removes gazumping and price chipping when a property is for sale.

Sales Channels

Sales Channels

Sales channels offer alternative means for concluding a sale online with our unique online property execution platform. You can select the most appropriate channel at any time during the sales process.



Email notifications keeps all parties advised of all activities during the transparent online property execution process. From bidder verifications through to offers made on properties for sale, each party receives email notifications and the data is audited if you missed it.

Online Exchanges

Online Exchanges

anchored in BlockChain

Buyers are directed to clicktopurchase® where we help you from there, Your agency finds the buyer and sends them to the property for sale on clicktopurchase® where we help you from there, from the online verification process through to online legal commitment executed by our Online Property Execution Platform.

Monitor Data

Monitor Data

anchored in BlockChain

Monitor property data, process flow, audit trails, property impressions, clicks of property links in widgets, and more to see what is happening in real time. Control your Legal Documents as we provide access control and statistics.

Revolutionising the Property Sales Process

clicktopurchase® is revolutionising the property sales process with our online property execution platform, making buying or selling a property easy, whilst delivering certainty, transparency and accountability. It enables distant buyers to transact as easily as a local purchaser and brings the huge benefits of liquidity and flexibility.

Commercial and Residential properties for sale.


A clicktopurchase® offer, whether by clicktopurchase® private treaty or "best offers", is a legally binding commitment by a purchaser which, if accepted, results in an instant online exchange of contracts.


All actions, from the verification of a purchaser, offers and online exchanges, indeed the entire process, are all recorded electronically, so both buyer and seller have full transparency and history of all exchanges.


Our easy and fast approach provides for all purchasers to pass a verification process before they are able to submit a clicktopurchase® offer. No purchaser can submit an offer until the agent is satisfied.

Win Business

Now every professional can offer their clients the ability to provide a superior service to increase business productivity, maximise sales and compliment marketing activities.

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clicktopurchase® has created its own BlockChain ecosystem.

Our BlockChain has all transaction data stored with wallets created for parties within the property transactions.

BlockChain enables immutable records, a democratic, decentralise BlockChain ecosystem which provides even more security, transparency and certainty.

Contact us, if you would like to join the eco-system, become a miner and get involved with our BlockChain initiative.

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