Selling Your Property

Together with your agent you can decide how you wish to conclude a property sale: clicktopurchase® Private Treaty, or “Best Offers” / Expressions of Interest / Tender.

Receiving Offers

You can accept or decline any clicktopurchase® offer from a pre-verified party; you are not obliged to accept and conclude a sale until you decide to do so.

Accepting an Offer

You decide if you wish to accept an offer. If the offer is accepted, a Memorandum of Sale / Contract Note is generated and a legal commitment created.

Please note: variations may occur depending upon territory.

Your Digitally Signed Memorandum of Sale / Contract Note

The platform digitally encrypts the offer and the Memorandum of Sale / Contract Note with an X.509 Certificate, issued to us by a Trusted Root Provider. The signature uses Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) technology to encrypt the offer which is paired and hashed with the Memorandum of Sale / Contract Note. Your copy is the unique pairing to the clicktopurchase® system and to the original digitally signed offer.

After you receive your .ctp file, ensure that you keep your digitally signed document safe.

The complete start-to-finish guide

Blockchain technology is set to transform the world as the internet has done over the last decade. clicktopurchase® is a proven leader demonstrating cutting edge features: Online Exchanges, Digital Signatures, Anti-Money Laundering and now Blockchain anchoring. All the features listed here are now part of a blockchain infrastructure, available to our clients and partners.

Blockchain Stats

Total Blocks: 14135 | Total Assets: 565 | Total Transactions: 53775

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