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Our Platform Services

clicktopurchase® is a configurable system, where your requirements can be tailored. Below are the key services we provide.

Team Members

Unique logins per account

With chinese wall, multiple agencies, roles.

Basic Property Listing page

Direct URL (configurable with your own domain)

Publish Unlimited Properties

Also with unadvertised link

An Unlimited amount of properties can be online and for sale at one time.

Configurable Sales Channels

Private Treaty, Best Offers

Varying sale channels.

Configurable Contract Options

Offer Expiry Date, Completion Date, Conditionality

Configurable sale options.


Anti-Money Laundering

Audit Trail, Blockchain anchored data (immutable), Proof of process.

Digitally Signed Contracts

Legally Binding Contracts, Digital Signatures, Data Room

Multi-Region Laws

Ireland, England & Wales, South Africa

Legal Regions

Online Support

Contract and/or Technical Support

Live Training Sessions

Join our Blockchain

We invite you to participate in our blockchain ecosystem by operating a node. Contribute to mining all data, including your own. Our blockchain is tied to our data and proves the audit trail, the KYC process and contract exchanges.

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ClickToPurchase is available to all our SV. International Partners. For more information visit the network site.