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Methods of Sale

Select the most appropriate method of sale.

clicktopurchase® Private Treaty – A clicktopurchase® offer is a legally binding commitment by a purchaser which, if accepted, results in an instant online exchange of contracts.

Please note: variations may occur depending upon territory.

Binding “Best Offers” / Expressions of Interest / Tender. If selected, a sale can be concluded by this method of sale, selected at any time during the marketing process.

Receiving Offers

When you have verified a purchaser and an offer is submitted, your client automatically receives communications to be aware of the offer. You can discuss with your client whether to accept or reject the offer; your client is not obliged to sell until they wish to do so.

Accepting an Offer

If you are instructed to accept an offer, or your client does so directly (depending upon jurisdiction), a Memorandum of Sale / Contract Note is generated with digital signatures.

Your Digitally Signed Memorandum of Sale / Contract Note

The platform digitally encrypts an offer and the Memorandum of Sale / Contract Note with an X.509 Certificate, issued to us by a Trusted Root Provider. The signature uses Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) technology to encrypt the offer which is paired and hashed with the Memorandum of Sale / Contract Note. Your copy is the unique pairing to the clicktopurchase® system and to the original digitally signed offer.

After you receive your .ctp file, ensure that you keep your digitally signed document safe.

Audit Trail

The clicktopurchase® platform provides detailed audit trails of all interactions to provide your clients with a level of corporate governance which is unavailable elsewhere.

The complete start-to-finish guide

Blockchain technology is set to transform the world as the internet has done over the last decade. clicktopurchase® is a proven leader demonstrating cutting edge features: Online Exchanges, Digital Signatures, Anti-Money Laundering and now Blockchain anchoring. All the features listed here are now part of a blockchain infrastructure, available to our clients and partners.

Blockchain Stats

Total Blocks: 14135 | Total Assets: 565 | Total Transactions: 53775

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