Purchasing a Property

You can purchase a property more easily than ever before by: clicktopurchase® Private Treaty, or “Best Offers” / Expressions of Interest / Tender.

Find the clicktopurchase® Icon

Simply find the property, and look for the clicktopurchase® icon. If it has the icon, it means you can purchase the property online with little fuss.

As a prospective purchaser, you will be able to view and download the legal package relating to the property in question. You will be able to contact the seller’s solicitor if you have any queries.

Our unique Proptech platform will enable you to buy property online. You will experience secure and easy online property execution first hand.

Verify Yourself

In order to make an offer, you must sign up and fill in the verification form. Once your identity is confirmed and financial status known, the selling agent will allow you to submit a clicktopurchase® offer. For security and legal reasons, you must verify on a per property basis.

Make an Offer

Once you are verified, the Make Offer function will be available. If your submitted offer is accepted, a digitally signed contract is created.

Your Digitally Signed Contract Offer

The platform digitally encrypts your offer and the Memorandum of Sale / Contract Note with an X.509 Certificate, issued to us by a Trusted Root Provider. The signature uses Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) technology to encrypt the offer which is paired and hashed with the Memorandum of Sale / Contract Note. Your copy is the unique pairing to the clicktopurchase® system and to the original digitally signed offer.

After you receive your .ctp file, ensure that you keep your digitally signed document safe.

The complete start-to-finish guide

Blockchain technology is set to transform the world as the internet has done over the last decade. clicktopurchase® is a proven leader demonstrating cutting edge features: Online Exchanges, Digital Signatures, Anti-Money Laundering and now Blockchain anchoring. All the features listed here are now part of a blockchain infrastructure, available to our clients and partners.

Blockchain Stats

Total Blocks: 14135 | Total Assets: 565 | Total Transactions: 53775

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