Our platform services

clicktopurchase® is a configurable system, where your requirements can be tailored. Below are the key services we provide.

  • Team Members

    with chinese wall, multiple agencies, roles

  • Basic Property Listing page

    Direct URL (configurable with your own domain)

  • Publish Unlimited Properties

    also with unadvertised link

  • Configurable Sales Channels

    Private Treaty, Best Offers

  • Configurable Contract Options

    Offer Expiry Date, Completion Date, Conditionality

  • KYC

    Audit Trail, Blockchain anchored data (immutable), Proof of process

  • Digitally Signed Contracts

    Legally Binding Contracts, Digital Signatures, Data Room

  • Multi-Region Laws

    Ireland, England & Wales, South Africa

  • Online Support

    Contract and/or Technical Support

  • Live Training Sessions

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