Property Sales Made Easy

"We make it easy for you to conduct online real estate transactions."

How it works

Sales Channels

Sales channels offer alternative means for concluding a sale online. You can select the most appropriate channel at any time during the sales process.

  • Select appropriate sales channel
  • Set options you are willing to provide buyers when submitting their offer
  • If "best offers" chosen, set deadline

So, if you have commercial property for sale, or residential property for sale, clicktopurchase® delivers a unique flexibility.

Sales Channels


Email notifications keep parties advised of all activities during the transparent process.

  • Emails are sent to all parties
  • Notifications are sent regarding all stages of the process
  • Use our custom Email Templates
  • Administration dashboard provides easy to access information
  • Bidders can view all at their My Account

Online exchanges

The buyer is found; we help you from there. From verification through to online legal commitment

  • Agent-operated verification before an online offer can be submitted
  • Once verified, offers can be made
  • clicktopurchase® online offers submitted
  • Acceptance resulting in instant formation of legal contract online
  • Once offers are accepted, it is legally binding
  • Encrypted Signed Digital Documents are produced.
Online Exchanges

Digital Signatures and Security

Digitally Signed Documents

  • SignedXML Schema and Data
  • Identities and Exchange Details
  • Audit Trail
  • X.509 RSA Encryption
  • AES-512 Hashed
  • PKI Technology extended to Data Verification

clicktopurchase® is leading Proptech in the area of buying and selling property online

Digital Signed Signatures


We record in your dashboard every interaction with a property for sale by clicktopurchase®

  • We record all actions, verifications and online offers
  • You have an Activity Log of all user activities
  • All property data is available as reports
  • Your dashboard shows summaries and charts
Data and Statistics

The complete start-to-finish guide.

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The clicktopurchase® BlockChain

BlockChain is the technology that underpins digital currencies like BitCoin. The technology is set to transform the world as the internet has done over the last decade. clicktopurchase® is a proven leader demonstrating cutting edge features: Online Exchanges, Digital Signatures, Anti-Money Laundering and now BlockChain anchoring. All the features listed here are now part of a blockchain infrastructure, available to our clients and partners.